Friday, September 13, 2013


I went to see Doctor Jumbo today

How are you? He asked

I'm not so fine doctor

My head hurts, it feels like it is being axed.

When I turn my hand like so, it hurts.

I have this pain in my feet

It seems to move from my knees right to my big toe

And whenever I bend like so, I can't even take a seat.

I can't bend my neck fully

When I try to, I feel a cramp

It hurts so bad I feel I will die

It feels like it is gonna snap.

I've had this feeling for a while

Ever since I worked in the railways

I was a handyman there

Making sure I was punctual always.

So why did I stop seeing Dr Jumbo?

For as I stood up after thirty minutes

I happened to glance at his notes

And all he had written was "pains".


  1. Erm – the answer (or interpretation) here depends what side of the desk you are sitting on (maybe).

    For Dr Jumbo to listen for 30 minutes either shows a lack of communication skills, burnout or recognition of a ‘difficult patient’. That said – even in doc shorthand ‘pains’ shows little history taking, an inability to meet the needs of his patient or plain boredom.

    If I had seen ‘pains’ or my notes, whether a difficult patient or not, I tend to think I would not see Dr Jumbo again…

    Anna :o]

    1. Indeed Anna, I guess it also depends on their previous encounters or maybe she/he is a hypochondriac; not making excuses for the horrid Dr Jumbo though.

  2. Maybe Dr jumbo was showing of his good active listening skills and intended to write somemore after patient had left the room.

    Did he see a signature after "pains"?

    But surely Dr Jumbo said more than 'how are you'.