Friday, September 13, 2013


I went to see Doctor Jumbo today

How are you? He asked

I'm not so fine doctor

My head hurts, it feels like it is being axed.

When I turn my hand like so, it hurts.

I have this pain in my feet

It seems to move from my knees right to my big toe

And whenever I bend like so, I can't even take a seat.

I can't bend my neck fully

When I try to, I feel a cramp

It hurts so bad I feel I will die

It feels like it is gonna snap.

I've had this feeling for a while

Ever since I worked in the railways

I was a handyman there

Making sure I was punctual always.

So why did I stop seeing Dr Jumbo?

For as I stood up after thirty minutes

I happened to glance at his notes

And all he had written was "pains".

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Sitting at this desk

Heater warming my feet

My body ensconced in three layers of clothing

Hands exposed, clutching this pen

The cold mist coming out my nostrils

Inhaled air, processed within.

Clock on mantelpiece strikes twelve

It is midnight

Again, I try writing this letter

The tears always come in between

Tears of loss

So much loss for so much gain.

I remember when Papa lost his land

- I say lost because he had it sold

Sold it to fulfil a dream

A dream of his young son

"Son, you can go now to the land across the waters"

"You will be the first Doctor from this village."

I remember Ada, Ada with the long and thick hair

Ada with the smile that lit the sky

We went to school together

A love like ours, no other could find

But this was not her dream

She couldn't be part of this dream.

Ten years have gone by

I now talk 'through my nose' like all the others

Memories of the sunshine get dimmer and dimmer

Memories of the green vegetation

And playing in the sand

All lost among the lights I now call home.

I can hear them now, the sirens in the distance

I know I won't be able to complete this letter

I pick my stethoscope and await the inevitable call

Another day

Another life to save

Another day away from home.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I see him
Right behind you
Beckoning to me
To join him

He is tall
Dressed in that colour
You can't see him
But I see him

I know his name
He knows mine too
I long to go to him
Won't you just let me be with him?

He calls my name
I answer
He reaches out
I grab him

But you stand between us
With your white coat and stethoscope
Your little needles and white tablets
Keep me away from him.

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