Friday, September 21, 2012


Why bother? She will die anyway

I know, but I have to do something

But the same thing happens everyday

I agree, but I just can't sit and do nothing.

You are tired, go to sleep

No I can't, I have to check if she's fine

It doesn't matter, the monitors will still beep

I know, but the responsibility is still mine.

Tell her to go home, nothing can be done.

No I won't, I can't give up hope

Don't touch her! Don't you know its airborne?

I have to, will wash later with soap.

Why not leave? You're not making any difference

Doesn't matter, I have to put in my quota

look at you quoting such nonsense

Be that as it may, she's still someone's daughter.

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  1. Powerful!! A battle I've had with myself numerous times caring for patients as a nursing student.