Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hand in hand they walk,

Indivisible, impossible to tell apart

A terror to many

wrecking havoc along their path.

Without gun or sword

Without bomb or bullet

They strike!

A deadly duet.

They can't exist in isolation

A weird symbiosis

Needing each other to exist

Crippling a nation's resources.

A mother loses her child

They lurk in the shadows, grinning

A child loses his mother

They are salivating.

What can be done?

To rid the world of these two

Unfortunately, the answer lies

In the hands of a privileged few.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Papa I see you

With your Immaculate white coat

And your stethoscope strung on your shoulder

I hate to give you this jolt

But dear Papa, I don't wanna be a Doctor.

Papa, I know you have a big hospital

I know you built it from scratch

Rightfully, you expect your son to take over

But here's a newsflash...

Papa, I don't wanna be a Doctor.

Papa, quit forcing me to read the sciences

Physics,Chemistry and Biology

Newton's Laws, Periodic tables and experiments

I have no love for the laboratory

And I know Papa, I don't wanna be a Doctor.

Papa, I see you married Mom, also a Doctor

And you wonder where I got my genes from

I see this has caused quite a few arguments

And my dear Momma crying some

Just because I don't wanna be a Doctor.

Papa, I know I'm breaking your heart

What will you tell all your friends

That after spending so much on him

You have a son who all he does is sings

A son who doesn't wanna be a Doctor.

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Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey Doctor, how are you?

You seem awful stressed out today

I noticed a tear at the hem of your coat

Don't you think you should have it checked?

Don't worry, I will get someone to check it out for you.

No Doctor, there is nothing wrong with me

Rather I am here to help you out

I have about a thousand troops

All I need to do is make a call

And they would all come running down.

I am Lord and Master of the High Seas

Surely, you would have heard of me

At the sound of my voice the pirates quiver

I was sent to rid the world of evil

I am a very important person as you can see.

I am wealthy beyond measure

I have castles in France, Belgium and Spain

Servants to meet my every pleasure

I have a banquet everynight

Doc, you should come visit me one of these days.

No, Doctor, you cannot stick that needle into me

You obviously don't know who I am

I'm only here on vacation to help the world

There's nothing wrong with me

No Doctor; no, don't do that!

NB: Patients with Grandiose Delusions have an unshakeable belief they are someone very important, usually larger than life ; they also have an engaging personality and are filled with stories that can easily get you carried away. Read more about it here.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Why bother? She will die anyway

I know, but I have to do something

But the same thing happens everyday

I agree, but I just can't sit and do nothing.

You are tired, go to sleep

No I can't, I have to check if she's fine

It doesn't matter, the monitors will still beep

I know, but the responsibility is still mine.

Tell her to go home, nothing can be done.

No I won't, I can't give up hope

Don't touch her! Don't you know its airborne?

I have to, will wash later with soap.

Why not leave? You're not making any difference

Doesn't matter, I have to put in my quota

look at you quoting such nonsense

Be that as it may, she's still someone's daughter.

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