Sunday, August 26, 2012


Bout after bout
Racking the chest
lighting it aflame
Surely, his chest would explode

The sound is grating
You can almost hear the lungs tearing up into little pieces
Debris rising up the chest
Spewing out, covered in blood

Particles spread, happy for the release
The confinement of the poorly ventilated room
They don't have far to run
Another victim, seated close by, fertile ground.

It takes its toll on him
Now a shadow of who he used to be
His body drenched in sweat
His body, hot as coals.


Saturday, August 25, 2012


The raw materials are all there
He doesn't have to go far
The trees are behind the village square
Strong, sturdy Bamboo trees.

He learnt the art from his father
Who learnt the art from his father
Passed on from generation to generation
Now threatened with the advent of civilization.

But still, his customers will come
An ironic by product of increased civilization
They fear going to the modern hospitals
Fear of almost certain amputation.

He is a traditional bone setter
Tibia, Femur, humerus? It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter what the X-ray says
Even if the limb is dead, dying or a real nuisance.

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He expects the same attention he's used to -
"Your lordship", "Your Eminence", "Dear Sir"
"Would you like a..?" "Can I get you a...?"
"Are you comfortable Sir?" "Should I adjust your chair?"

But all the oohs and aahs stop at the door
The ER strips you of all that.
Here everyone is equal, or supposed to be
Here some things don't matter any more.

What strikes him first is the sight
Of suffering humanity and blood
A sight far removed from what he's used to
Dapper Suits, smiling faces in dainty attire.

He struggles to get any attention
"Do you know who I am?" He is tempted to say
But a slight glance to the boy with third degree burns beside him
Makes him realise, probably his headache isn't really that important.

Addenda: Inspired by my meeting with an influential politician in the ER who I pretended to know nothing about :)


Have you tried my new delicacy?
Fried and dripping in glimmering oil
The fat, fried to a golden crust
You won't regret trying this.

I always have a taste of the dishes
To ensure all the ingredients are in their right proportion
I also need to take some cooking home
Afterall, I can't let it go to waste.

I need to keep up a portly appearance
So my clients can tell from the way I look
That I don't compromise on their nutrition
How can they tell if I don't look good?

I spend my life among pastries and sweets
It's no wonder I'm a full plus size
I can't do anything about it
It is the life I have chosen.

What Health risks are you exposed to by virtue of what you love doing?


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


If only I had listened...

The advice was simple enough to read

Reduce your fat intake it said

Reduce your salt it said

Exercise regularly it said

If only I had listened.

If only I had listened...

I was told to take one tablet a day

That's not too much you say

But when I miss taking one I still feel okay

So I stopped taking it every day

If only I had listened.

If only I had listened...

I was told it was hereditary

That it could be passed down my line in the family tree

There was no sense in this, far as I could see

There was no likelihood of it affecting me,

If only I had listened.

If only I had listened...

Please stop smoking she said

You're slowly becoming an Alcoholic she pleaded

I told her she should stop being scared

It was all just in her head, I said

If only I had listened.

If only I had listened...

I was told we both carried the Sickle cell gene

But that didn't stop us from being keen

To get married , they were just being mean

I had suffered so much to get this win

If only I had listened.