Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hello mom, it's good to see you after all this time

I've been abroad trying to make some golden dime

I'm back to splurge you with so much money

Back from the land flowing with milk and honey.

Hello mom, you don't seem too excited

It's me, Michael, your son, playing for Manchester United

Can't you see me as I wave to you, it's been so long

Mom ...mom! Is there something wrong?

Mom, why do you keep calling me Daniel

You named me yourself, my name is Michael

And why do you keep talking to daddy?

We both know he's been dead 20 years already.

Mom, why do you keep misplacing everything?

I found your watch yesterday in the washing machine

And why did you pay the salesman 1000 dollars?

For an item that cost only 10 dollars.

Mom, I'm so sorry I neglected you

But I'd gladly give away all this wealth for your memory to be returned to you

For what's the use if I'm so wealthy

And my dear mom can't remember me.