Thursday, May 31, 2012


They glance at each other

Silently, they appraise each other

None is in the mood to talk

Each lost in his own thoughts.

They sit, each tick of the clock

Multiplying the beat of their heart

Nobody knows what to expect

Each afraid of what they would hear.

The door opens slightly

They glance in, trying to get a glimpse

They can't read his expression

They feel like sheep to the slaughter.

The first goes in

She looks back for reassurance

There is none

Her legs wobble.

The door is shut

They return to the worn magazines.

Their minds unable to see the pictures

The tension is palpable.

It seems an eternity

She finally re-appears

No smile...

They all sigh.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


He watches

Waiting for the right time to strike

He is patient, calculating, devious in his methods

Not one anybody would like.

He follows

Under the cover of darkness

A bag of sorrows

Enough to quench anyone's happiness.

He smells the fear

In the heart of his intended target

He longs to get near

To whisper a threat she won't forget.

She hears him

Through the stillness of the dark night

She is ready

Tired of running, this time she shall fight.

She is armed

No more will he harm her family

He is overwhelmed,

Disappointed, he retreats hastily.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


She sits, the weight of the world lying on her shoulders

A heavy burden, crushing, the weight of boulders

Yet all pass as if she were not there

None willing to ask about the burden she bears.

Her eyes have ceased from all the crying

Now, she can only do all the caring

A sponge in hand, she gives him his daily bath

However little, she can only play her lowly part.

The part she plays seems insignificant

When compared to the Doctors skillful hands

Still, her watchful eyes never miss a detail

She can tell all that's done right to the slightest detail.

If you'd ask, she'll tell you how many drops form the IV fluid

And how many milligrams in the latest drug

She knows how many calories the doctor said

And exactly how to adjust the creaking bed.

Gladly, she would trade all that gain

For a chance to see him well again

But sadly, she has no choice but to continue to cope

All she can do is continue to hope.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


They stand in line, eyes upon each other

Eager for the course that would change them forever

Some are there out of a childhood dream

Some are there just to fulfil a parent's whim.

Some are there cos they always made good grades

Others cos nothing else made good sense

Unfortunately, this number would decrease

Sadly, some of these lofty dreams would cease.

Not out of disaster or unfortunate circumstance

But the simple effects of time and chance

It would decrease, cos along the way

The realities of life would begin to hold sway.

It would decrease when some volunteer to opt out

After considering what the journey is all about

It would decrease when some fail courses

Having realised life is not a bed of roses.

Of the few that get to the finish line

They realise, all too late its just the starting line

They are forced to make that decision they should have made 7 years ago -

Should I stay, or should I go?

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Thursday, May 10, 2012


They met on the steps of the science faculty building

Both fresh from Highschool with dreams of a noble calling

Both knew they each felt a spark

They talked that day until it was dark.

They helped each other through the structures of Biochemistry

Strenghthened each other through the horrors of Anatomy

A ready shoulder through each failed examination

They looked forward to a time of celebration.

In the clinics, she admired how he bonded with the patients

He admired how her white coat made her look so radiant

They were a unique pair

The envy of their peers.

They faced many challenges together

Inseparable, no one could put them asunder

She fought off the young girls stealing his attention

He fought off the professors stealing her attention.

7 years went by like a passing dream

They made it, just like an Olympic team

Now, she's in his home, a married bliss

Dr and Dr Mrs, who wouldn't envy this?

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