Friday, April 27, 2012


Where is the Doctor?

The doctor won't be in today

He has gone away

Leaving his stethoscope and bag

Tossed in the trash like a rag.

Where is the Doctor?

He has gone to a foreign land

A land he will be hard to find

A land of milk and honey

A land of equal opportunity.

Why didn't he say goodbye?

Doesn't he realise we would all cry

Doesn't he realise some will even die

He must hate us so much

To have left in such a rush.

What did you say? I shouldn't have left?

I was there but you never saw me

Suffered long hours but you never thanked me

Nursed you but all you did was curse

You got well but all you did was fuss.

What did you say? I shouldn't have left?

But my brothers there you treat just the same

Everyday, they bow their heads in shame

Trying to survive with the little you give

They do their best to make your people live.



Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In a mixture of fluid, waste and debris we lived

Our nourishment-obtained from a common source, we shared

My legs on your head, your legs on my head

So we made our bed.

You came out first-I watched, considered, then stepped out after

To the embrace of welcoming hands, applause and laughter

There was no way to tell us apart

We both grew to be handsome,funny and smart.

Inseparable, we shared all things

At school, we shared all friends

At home, we both played pranks

One cannot easily forget mother's spanks.

And now, you've suddenly become pale

Looking tired, your face has started to swell

Scared, we take you to the hospital

Never knew a kidney could fail.

Suddenly you need a transplant

I am the most obvious donor but I can't

Because my tests have come out too

And now, we share this too.

Addenda: Based on the twins who both had end stage kidney failure whose mother had a kidney cyst.
Are you aware of what conditions lie in your genes?

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Sunday, April 22, 2012


You cannot leave this place without getting a badge

Though it may be small, medium, or large

It is that symbol of the battle you so valiantly fought

The battle you never forgot.

The battle between sickness and health

Highlighting the various ravages your body has been dealt

The battle between life and death

A recurring story upon the earth.

The battle field is strewn with all kinds of matter

Blood and various fluids all flow freely after

However through all these the badge stays on

Through all these the badge stays strong.

At the end of the battle the badge is removed

You either walk out of the field or you are removed

All that remains is a memory of where the badge had been

A wish not to again go through what the eyes have seen.

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Monday, April 16, 2012


A jolly day, walking with your umbrella in your hand

Suddenly, you find your umbrella on the sand

You wonder if you've just been had by a crook

It's no crook dear sir, you're just having a stroke.

Talking to your family, you try to utter a word

Though excited, you find your speech is slurred

They all laugh trying to join in the joke

It's no joke dear sir, you're having a stroke.

Walking to the bathroom , you suddenly fall

Unable to move forward or utter a call

You lie wondering on the floor made of oak

It's no mystery dear sir, you're having a stroke.

Smiling in the mirror one day, you're feeling glad

You can't help but notice your mouth is bent to the side

As you contemplate this new interesting look

You may want to know dear sir, you're having a stroke.

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Addenda:The above include Signs and Symptoms of a stroke.
Actually had a patient who suddenly could not hold his umbrella. A number of stroke patients I've seen usually have it while on their way to the bathroom (I can't say why).

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I cried when I heard you were in the hospital

The news on my heart was a heavy toll

A thousand and one thoughts passing through my mind

I had no idea what I would find.

I was shocked by the scene my eyes did meet

This couldn't possibly be you draped in a sheet

This couldn't be you being wheeled down the corridor

Attached to a tube and a monitor.

I thought I would meet her nursing you back to health

By your side constantly asking how you felt

she who you laboured and built your world around

was now absolutely nowhere to be found.

I still remember the day of your wedding

How you laughed and danced around the garden

The smile on your face as you greeted everyone

Who would have thought you would now be alone.

Now the doctor wants to speak with the family

I call her up so she can accompany me

He tells us the news we fear to hear

As I console her, I notice her ring finger is bare.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Mop, Mop

Sweep, sweep

Sweep the dust from off the feet

feet running, not knowing the sight they will meet.

They just heard their friend was brought in from the street.

Mop, Mop

Sweep, sweep

Wipe the tears from off the chair

The tears of she who just lost her dear

The tears of one with a burden of three to bear.

Mop, mop

Sweep, sweep

Mop the saliva off the floor

From he with a stroke at just forty four

All his ambitions and dreams can't be anymore.

Mop, mop

Sweep, sweep

Sweep the slippers into the bin

He won't need it as he's leaving

He won't need it where he's going .

Mop, mop

Sweep, sweep

Wipe the sweat from off the wall

From the mom whose only son had a fall

Sweat for fear she would lose her all.

Mop, mop

Sweep, sweep

Doctors, nurses, don't even notice me

Walking, talking, they can't even see

Feeling important as they hurry off for tea.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012


An amazing thing happened in the hospital today

Something so unbelievable I must say

Something so unreal, it blows my mind away,

Nobody died in the hospital today.

As I tried to wrap my mind around that

I almost failed to observe another interesting fact

Something more incredible than the above by far,

Nobody was wheeled into the ER today.

An amazing scene met my eyes today

On a routine visit to the wards today

I met all the patients smiling and talking animatedly

Walking round, shaking hands excitedly.

What could be the cause of these amazing occurrences?

Could it somehow be due to our improved services?

I'm sure you would want to come and verify if what I say is true

But one last thing before you do...

(Written on April Fools day)

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