Monday, January 30, 2012


It all started when I went out to urinate

I urinated and urinated, it just wouldn't abate

It was then I noticed an amazing thing

Ants started to gather round my urine.

All of a sudden I felt like drinking water

The more I drank, the more I became thirstier

The more I drank, the more I became weaker

I had no choice, I had to see a doctor.

Now I'm at the doctor's place

Its hard to read the expression on his face

He finally says I need to check my sugar

I tell him I hardly take any sugar.

We do the test and am waiting

We do the test and am shaking

He finally tells me it is


But i still don't understand what it is.

Now I have to change the food I eat

Now my daily bread has to be made from wheat

I have to start fitness exercising

Jogging, swimming or just fast walking.

I get tired, I stop the drugs and exercises

And return to my life of little excesses

Now I'm feeling kinda funny

Its as if the whole room has started turning.

I wake up in a hospital room corner

I am told i have been in a coma

Its been 24 hours I've been here lying

With my family convinced I was dying.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012


My parents were so in love

So in love they forgot the doctor's advice

And got married without thinking twice.

I had a normal birth

A joy to my parents and a new blessing upon the earth

For a while all seemed normal

There was no sign to indicate anything abnormal.

Until that first day I had swollen feet

I was in so much pain, I just couldn't eat

My eyes also started becoming yellow

I was so pale, different from the next fellow.

My friends always wondered why I often missed out on school

They thought it was cos my parents were really cool

They didn't know the meaning of a crisis

Or why I couldn't join in their excesses.

Now I have to cope with Blood transfusions

With daily drugs and prescriptions

Now mom and dad curse and fight a lot

Blaming each other for my lot.

But on the whole I have no regret

Grateful for this life and all whom I've met

Am at the top of my class and loving it

Cos to all of us this life is really nothing but a gift.

(Dedicated to my late friend and colleague N.G.D)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


To the politician
Who got into office without votes from the population
Who makes laws without regards to the people
Be nice to me cos when you are feeble,
I just might be your doctor someday.

To the enraged youth
Who doesn't give a hoot
Going around with a knife under your coat
Take note-
Be nice cos I just might be your doctor someday.

To the transporter hiking your fares
And to you who keeps selling fake wares
Making me spend my income again and again
Trying to get a good bargain
You had better be nice- cos I just might be your doctor someday.

And to you my friend
I just had to save this till the end
Don't take me for granted as you do everyday
Rather be nice- cos ...I just might be your doctor someday.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Another day away from home,

Another day to lie on this worn out foam.

Is it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, I can't really remember

Public holidays,weekends, family celebrations, no longer matter.

But one thing I do remember,

That patient who was rushed in with a fever.

Is there something I could have done any better?

Or that patient who died an hour ago

Did I really put in my best or did I just watch him go?

Who is that on the phone?

Sorry I can't pick your call now as I can hear my patient groan.

The night is calm,everywhere is quiet, the birds have gone to sleep

No,wait! What is that sound that permeates the deep?

What are those flashing lights in the distance?

Oh, its another emergency, gotta shake off any sleep this instant.